Deep Dive into Mobile Home Parks Management with Derek Vickers – The Apartments Operators Podcast

Show Notes

Derek Vickers joins Joseph Gozlan on The Apartments Operators Podcast to discuss the operations of mobile parks, ways to force appreciation in mobile home parks and how similar the challenges mobile home parks operators face to the ones multifamily operators face.

This is an episode of The Apartments Operators Podcast where you can learn from experienced operators what it really means to be apartments operators. No fluff, no sugar coating, just the raw unfiltered truth of the ups and down of operating multifamily communities. Our host, Joseph Gozlan, is an experienced owner/operator and a multifamily broker living in Texas. We gathered a phenomenal group of operators for you that share not only the upside of a multifamily operator but also the downside, the challenges and the surprises this business keeps coming up with.

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