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Derek Vickers

From Our Founder

With the amazing wealth of knowledge that building Victory Real Estate Group has given me, I want to share everything I’ve learned so that you can have the same freedom! I encourage you to use the resources on this website and to start growing your real estate portfolio. Thank you for allowing me to help you on your journey to become the real estate investor you’ve always wanted to become. 

Derek Vickers

Owner & Founder, Vicktory Real Estate Group

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Our Beginnings

Derek Vickers founded Vicktory Real Estate Group in 2020.  In the midst of the Covid crisis, he saw a need to create a business that was more focused on helping others and solving bigger problems. Derek found a vast amount of success as an insurance executive, but soon realized that this business was at its end and it no longer served his long term vision of helping others achieve their dreams.  Even though real estate this was a completely different business and industry, the opportunity to create value and help to solve a bigger problem at large was more in line with the vision and purpose that Derek had for himself.

Our Mission

We stand for equal and affordable housing for all.  We know there is an affordable housing crisis in America.  Our goal is to assist in adding more affordable housing in areas and bringing up properties that have been neglected for years and bringing them back to life.  The average apartment rent in America has skyrocketed over the years and especially since 2020.  It is difficult for Real Estate Developers to make sense of developing affordable housing and therefore all you see being built is new Class A multifamily with 2000-3000 rents.  This is a great thing but it also leaves families in lower income brackets struggling to find places to live.  We want to help solve this problem. 

VRG owns and operates just under 2000 lots and growing in the Southeastern United states.  Our focus is in and around major MSAs.  We believe that we can achieve long-term growth in these high growth areas.  Also, these areas are where the most affordable housing problems lie and therefore we can affect that on a larger scale.  Since our inception we have brought online 600 plus affordable housing units that would have been demolished.

What Our Tenants Say About Vicktory Real Estate Group

The cleanliness of the park how clean it is Has been dramatically improved! It finally feels like home. Everything’s is taken care of right away, the responsiveness is great. The adding of the lights gives us more visibility at night. It used to be very dark and it felt unsafe in the park. Management and our new property manager is very nice and respectful, we appreciate what Derek and his team have done!

John R.


Park is 100% better! Derek made sure he fixed my sewer clog that was never fixed before.
I love the solar lights, since they were put in, we don’t have strangers walking around the park at all hours of the night.  I am a veteran and me and all the other veterans in the property are very happy to here.  Derek and his team have done a great job!

Mitch K.


I live at a property managed by Vicktory Real Estate Group.  I've never had any problems.  I had problems before Derek came in and cleaned the park up.  We no longer have people roaming around.  The park feels safer and more quiet.  I can always count on his people in the office to answer and help me with anything I ask.

Ana M.


Derek and his team came in and cleaned up the park.  They put new lights up and paved our roads.  His office responds quickly and helps in any way they can.  They have made park a better place to live.

Kathy M.


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