Mentorship Program

About Our Mentorship Program:

With the amazing wealth of knowledge that building Victory Real Estate Group has given us at Vicktory Real Estate Group, we want to share everything we have learned so that you can have the same freedom! We encourage you to use the resources on this website and to start growing your real estate portfolio.

Our Mentorship Program is designed to educate and inform our passionate real estate investor peers with the years of knowledge and expertise we have gathered with our years of experience in the marketplace.

From the initial steps of identifying a “good deal” to the rare one-offs that occur with managing a mobile home park, our team of experts at Vicktory Real Estate have seen it all!

Thank you for allowing us to help you on your journey to become the real estate investor you’ve always wanted to become.

Building Your Real Estate Foundation

The basic foundation we teach first are:

Mobile Home Park terms and nomenclature

How to underwrite deals basics - step by step

The mentality needed to scale fast

How to choose great deals

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